Thrifting In Brantford


Thrifting In Brantford

One of the most thrilling things to do in Brantford is thrift. It’s a topic I can go on and on about, and judging by the above picture, it’s an activity that always proves itself to be an adventure. Leafing through old records, I found this beauty.

Of course, there are a lot of other things to be found.


The Advocate: Inside Looking Out

Whenever I first hear exciting news, I find it hard to resist speculating right then and there about the outcome. I was struck with this realization the moment I joined the Brant Advocate’s team. I was elated, overjoyed, and not to put too fine a point on it, absolutely thrilled. I wanted to share these feelings, and my love of the process, but it just felt wrong. I simply couldn’t gush over things I had no personal experience with.

I’m slowly realizing however, after a month and change,  that it’s been everything I imagined and more. Volunteer organizations can be a mixed bag, but when you hop on board with a team that’s completely passionate about their craft’s, and at the same time, totally in love with the local community, the stars align. Working with Andrew Macklin, Lucas Duguid and Marc Laferierre really made that point abundantly clear. This was, and is, an organization that cares.

Certainly it doesn’t hurt that all three owners, previously mentioned, are exceptionally talented at what they do. It doesn’t hurt that production takes place in the wonderful Sophia’s Bakery on Colborne St. It doesn’t hurt that community members are willing to take personal time to write something heartfelt for us.

What I’ve witnessed, since day one, is a desire to reach out to marginalized voices, to share ideas and content, and to make everyone feel included; the exact image that the paper exudes. Wonderfully, it’s an image that also happens to be true.


Netty Vintage: A Great Place To Go


Netty Vintage: A Great Place To Go

Travel down Brant St. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, but it never ceases to be true. Exploring the downtown and beyond never gets dull. I think this is doubly true when it comes to Netty Vintage, a local, reasonably priced, vintage shop, a hop, skip and jump away from the Blue Dog.

The first time I checked out the store, the yellow lighting and unique pieces instantly struck me, but the welcoming environment and awesome owner Jacqueline Buscombe made the store my household’s staple spot to checkout. That was a year ago.

I guess some things never change!

Andrea In Brantford

What happens when Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath comes to Brantford? Well, cupcakes get made. This year’s second annual NDP cupcake decorating fund raiser was held in the fantastic Sophia’s Gluten Free Bakery, in the downtown core, where members of the party, old and young, gathered.

It began at 7 officially, but long before that organizers were working to make the event happen. Baking furiously, laying out decorations, carrying in refreshments and more. Eager amateur decorators, including myself, started making their icing laden creations as soon as humanly possible. After 3 layers of frosting, I decided I might have overdone it a bit. Looking around the table however, it became clear that more was more.

Next, arrived the guest of honour. The flash bulbs were almost blinding. When Andrea arrived, she shook everyone in the room’s hand, and instantly asked one young decorator about her pastry design.

Later, Federal Brant Candidate Marc Laferriere gave a rousing speech on the growth of the Party in this riding, before introducing Ms. Horwath. Andrea then spoke about the NDP’s  platform, highlighting who exactly it benefits, naming teachers, middle class workers, and the marginalized, among that number before wrapping up.

After a number of impassioned conversations with students, benefactors and everyday citizens, Horwath exited, leaving behind a trail of imaginatively designed sweets, including a bright orange cupcake with the letters NDP proudly scribbled across the top.

How Do You ‘Clean’ A Downtown?

Writing about social issues in the downtown core has been difficult; more specifically, emotionally difficult. In the University’s bubble, it’s easy to forget how lucky we are as students. Marginalized people – those struggling with drug addictions, homelessness, and a whole host of other issues, are members of this community that many say are being slowly pushed out. From questions over the methadone clinic, to concerns over needle exchange deposits, battles are being fought. 

In our schools, homes, and churches however, we’ve learned that all people are worthwhile, and should have the same opportunities. Here’s an article I wrote, with a bunch of amazing local voices, chiming in on the issue.

Laurier’s part of Brantford, warts and all | Column | Opinion | Brantford Expositor.

So, what do you think ‘cleaning up the downtown’ means? What should it mean? 



What’s the Garden Project?

Brantford has a community garden. Need I say more, or are you already rushing off with your spade and flower patterned cotton cloves? In case you have stuck around, it’s a project that’s been ongoing for some time now. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who wants to can take out a small tract of land at 237 Mohawk road and actually grow some food. It’s a pretty remarkable thing. Please check it out.